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Vendor Registration

Pertinent Vendor Information:

Bazaar Dates: 11/04/2023 & 11/05/2023

Mail to: P.O. Box 544, Meridian, Idaho 83646

Check-in/Set-up: 11/03 at 6:00 PM

Open for Vendors: 11/04 at 7:00 AM & 11/05 at 9:00 AM

Tear Down: 11/05 by 6 PM, no later!

Santa Cookies

Key Information to Make This Happen!

Please DO NOT ask the custodial staff to help with set-up or tear down.

Please adhere to the times listed above. We ALL need to leave the premises within the time allotted, so please make arrangements for adequate help. The EHB staff will be on the premises until everyone has left the building to make sure guidelines are followed. We have a contract with the school district and times need to be followed. Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Saturday morning as you enter from Park Ln. road please park on the North side of the parking lot. This will allow for our customers to have adequate parking.

Due to this being state property, no smoking is allowed on the property as well as no weapons, no open flames and no animals allowed (with the exception of service animals).

Please do not park in the handicap parking area unless you have a permit. Loading and unloading is ok before and after the bazaar. Please move your vehicle during the show.

Please make sure you complete the Idaho State ST-124 tax form located on the HOME page or a hard copy will be provided to you at check-in. We provide the Idaho State Commission with a list of vendors after the show.

Please do not adhere anything to the wall. This may cause damage and you will be held responsible for any damages. ABSOLUTELY NO DUCT TAPE IS ALLOWED

There is an ATM on the premises. We also have directional signs so customers can find it.

We will provide you with the password to access the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is provided by the high school and the Eagle Holiday Bazaar is unable to provide any technical support.

Please make sure you have enough change on hand.

We have commercials on the main tv channels and radio stations as well as social media. Flyers are available for vendors to share or post.

There will be food truck vendors in the parking lot that will deliver to your booth. The Eagle High School Cafeteria also sells lunch and cinnamon rolls.

The school sells bakeware in the cafeteria, so be sure to check them out.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheryl Stans or Heather Romanowski via email. As the bazaar approaches, staff is extremely busy trying to finalize everything.

Most of all, we wish everyone a successful show and a fun experience!

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